2023 Pre-Order Dates

I used schedules from our local school holidays, my work, and supplier holidays to create a 5/6 Week TAT agreement with my supplier! TAT begins the date Pre-Order closes. Pre-Order close will be the Last Friday for the first 5 months, no Pre-Order in June, then the First Friday of the next 5 months, with no Pre-Order close in December. 
On the calendar below, Pre-Order close date is the date which is Bold Gold. The website will then be closed the following weekend while I compile orders and place the order with my supplier (Gold dot). Pre-Order number is labeled on the Gold Dot. Website will re-open when the order has been placed. The week the Pre-Order is expected to arrive at your doorstep is highlighted in Gold with the Pre-Order number. 
I am currently planning to use the @everyone feature on Pre-Order close dates, aka only 10 times a year. If you need instructions on how to turn the feature off, let me know and I can share a link ! Let me know if you have any questions but I hope this helps ensure you've got your fabric when you need it ✨️
Round updates will be posted on the post similar to this within Jubilant Fabric VIP

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