April Awareness: Donation Buckets

🌈 I’ve curated a collection of 20+ various social awareness ribbons/symbols, with over 30 different prints! I’ll upload them all ASAP, I’ve started, but there’s A LOT! Stay tuned on the Jubilant Fabric Facebook page! 

🤩For the month of April, my goal is to post about one Social Awareness each day to feature a custom print and provide insight on a non-profit organization working to find a cure/raise awareness. If there’s a social awareness you’re looking for, I’m more than willing to have one made exclusively for our group. If you don’t like the one I have, I’ll help make one you do 💗

💕 Each day will benefit a different organization corresponding to the featured print that day. During ALL THREE ROUNDS of April, I’m donating 30% back from each yard sold on all prints in the Awareness folder 

Donation buckets for the 3 April Pre-Order rounds will be tracked here!