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Awareness Heros

Awareness Heros

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Awareness heros  on blue  

Daredevil - blinded by a radioactive substance which also gave him a “radar sense”   

Hawk eye - predominantly deaf 

Echo - deaf 

Iron man- heart condition 

Misty knight - lost dominate arm 

professor X - nerve damage - either has a spinal cord injury or his legs were crushed depending on which X-men series 

 Cyborg- injured athlete saved by scientist dad became half man, half machine 

Part of an awareness series: 20% of all sales on this print will be donated to ONE of the non-profit organizations featured within the series. Full details will be outlined during the April awareness series.

**April Awareness:

Each day of April, I will be discussing different awareness programs and organizations. ALL proceeds will go back to a non-profit of the affiliated organization included in the series.


This item is for Pre-Order. All bases sold by the Yard except Faux Leather; All fabric should have a minimum WOF of 54". 

Items will be scaled as shown; There are rulers built into the watermark

The colors may vary slightly due various monitor & print settings.

Please visit the General Information tab for more information. 

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