🔥 Fundraiser: FILL that SUIT 👨‍🚒


❤️ All proceeds from the 8 prints in that collection will go towards buying new equipment for one of our member’s community fire departments. 👨‍🚒

💗 I’ll let Joanna post the details below, but essentially— Her son is a Jr. Firefighter and they are trying to raise money for new gear. Each set costs around $2500 😱

"We are rural, and our guys are in definite need of new gear. Our department is fundraising with the goal of getting 10-12 new sets of gear over the course of 12 months. Unlike bigger departments, we are completely volunteer staffed and do not get very much funding from the city. Thank you so much for helping our community!!”-Joanna

How you can contribute: 

-All proceeds from the 8 prints in the collection will be donated

-Any tip at checkout will be donated 

-Direct donations can be sent direct to the Fire Department paypal.me/BFD3100 Please let Jennifer or Joanna know how much you donated so we can include it in our tally towards the goal!

Thank you!

Update 3/16

🤩So far, we’ve raised $400 

👏🏻 That’s with two donations, two tips at checkout, and 12+ yards!

Every FQ counts! ITS BEEN 2 DAYS! Remarkable 💗 Preorder goes in Friday 😘 Thank you all so much for your support of my business & a local community!