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ucid Polygon Shopify Projects Blog Contact Home Blog How to add an image gallery to Shopify Page/Blog How to add an image gallery to Shopify Page/Blog 03 Nov, 2022 Shopify How to add image gallery to Shopify blog page This is an image gallery that can be embedded into a Shopify Blog or Page without any apps. Open your page/blog Click the code view (screenshot below) Copy and paste the code at the bottom of this page Replace the image links in the code with your images Increase/decrease the images as you need Save Shopify Code View Screenshot Features Mobile responsive Click the image to open it Use left & right arrow buttons or keyboard buttons to select the previous image or the next image Use the escape key or close button to close an open image Hides next/previous button when there are no more images further left or right Things to note Make sure your images are of same dimension. If not, the grid will look messy. If your default blog/page is not full width, the gallery won't look nice. Code