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Custom Upload: X-in-1 Yard

Custom Upload: X-in-1 Yard

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Have a seamless file that you need printed? 
Faux Leather sold by 18” roll; you can get 2 prints if desired 


-UPLOAD the ORIGINAL SEAMLESS DESIGN; I will not be responsible if you send me one with a watermark. If the watermark is obvious and I catch it, I reserve the right NOT to print before discussing with the original artist. I will not modify these files, nor will I make them seamless. If I don’t catch an error and you print it, I can’t refund! 

-ALSO INCLUDE a size using the drop down or scale description. Need help with scaling? See below or let me know in the notes section! 

—-“Please print this file to scale” (1:1)

—-“Please print this file in a good size for masks or bows” (normally images are about an inch tall) 

Without a size description, I will scale it 1-to-1 or 1-2” tall characters, whichever seems more appropriate for the print  

—I do not claim licensing to the files you print and I will delete them after each order. This is intended for your small personal/business use only.





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